Cognitive Assessment & Testing

At The Therapy Store we have a comprehensive selection of cognitive assessment and testing tools available. These aid health professionals in assessing and monitoring a range of physical, mental and behavioural conditions. From cognitive assessment tools and speech pathology assessments to imagination tests for young children, our comprehensive range is a great place to start for hospitals, clinics and mobile health professionals.

To provide for special needs effectively and responsibly it is important to first understand current levels of cognitive function and self-perception. Accurate and thorough cognitive assessment is highly useful for the monitoring and management of a series of common conditions that contribute to different cognitive processes.

The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure is important for occupational therapists in identifying and tracking a client’s self-perceptions of their work performance. This, like many of our assessment tools, is best used from the start of a client’s treatment to track changes over time.

The Assessment of Intelligibility of Dysarthric Speech (AIDS) includes tasks, techniques, and response formats to aid in speech pathology assessments of adults and teenagers with dysarthria. This will help develop a range of communication efficiency and intelligibility measures for your client.

The Psycholinguistic Assessments of Language Processing in Aphasia (PALPA) has been designed as both a clinical instrument and research tool. It includes a variety of resource materials that enable the user to select language tasks that can be tailored to the investigation of an individual patient’s impaired and intact abilities. This can be a valuable cognitive testing tool for health professionals and organisations.

For children with learning challenges, disabilities, trauma, or specific diagnoses such as Autism or Down Syndrome, the ChiPPA (Child Initiated Pretend Play Assessment kit) assesses a child’s spontaneous self-initiation of imaginative play. The ChiPPA is a vital tool for paediatric professionals such as special education teachers, preschool fieldwork officers, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists.

Browse our range of cognitive testing tools for useful and insightful therapy assessments.