Books - Childrens

We stock a diverse range of books for children, adults and professionals. Each of these is carefully chosen to help you navigate specific problem areas of your child or patient.

Books are a great and effective way to explain special needs to children, both to understand and normalise their own behaviour as well as teach sensitivity towards special needs classmates and friends. Our range of children’s books utilises engaging content, simple storylines, repetition, humour, and vivid illustrations curated for children’s learning and development.

No More Meltdowns is one of our most popular books for parents. This book gives parents the tools to manage and prevent their child’s behaviour when they lose control. This acclaimed book will teach you to adjust your own behaviour and expectations, learn how to defuse a meltdown as it occurs, understand why it happens and make plans to prevent them in the future.

Our autism books for professionals include the accessible and informative Learning to Live With Autism: A Parent’s Guide for Professionals. Drawing on a family’s experiences with their autistic son and healthcare professionals, this book sifts through the myths and truth surrounding autism to give real advice to help any family dealing with Autism.

We have many books for children with anxiety, Asperger Syndrome, autism or understanding everyday rules. Ben’s School Daze teaches children, parents and teachers what it’s like to live with overwhelmed senses. We stock a large range of books for autistic children, including All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome and My Friend with Autism, which teaches vital social skills for everyday life. We also stock plenty of children’s books to help explain and teach management of feelings and emotions, including My Feelings Matter, designed for children with Autism to help identify and name feelings using friendly and simple illustrations. Another emotional resource for children on the Autism Spectrum is The Green Eyed Goblin, which helps children aged 5-13 understand and cope with jealousy.