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Welcome to The Therapy Store’s audio sensory toys and sensory headphones, designed to engage and captivate the senses. Our curated collection of sensory toys is carefully selected to provide enriching experiences for children of all ages and abilities.

Whether you're looking to enhance sensory exploration, promote auditory development, or provide a calming sensory experience, we have the perfect solutions for you. 


Explore our selection of sensory headphones, including active noise-cancelling headphones and hi-fidelity earplugs, to create a personalised auditory experience that meets your child's unique needs. With easy-to-use controls and durable construction, our headphones are ideal for children of all ages, including those with sensory sensitivities.

Active noise-cancelling headphones & Earmuffs

Experience peace and tranquillity in any noisy environment with our range of active noise-cancelling headphones with built-in microphones, and earmuffs. Designed to block out unwanted background noise and distractions, our headphones create a soothing auditory environment for children with sensory sensitivities.

Perfect for use at home, school, or on the go, our active noise-cancelling headphones provide relief from loud noises and promote concentration and relaxation. Whether your child is sensitive to noise or simply needs a quiet space to focus, our headphones offer comfort and protection.

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, our wireless headphones allow seamless connection to your favourite devices, providing freedom of movement and convenience. Plus, the built-in microphone enables hands-free communication, perfect for making calls or participating in virtual learning sessions.

For added versatility, explore our selection of earmuffs, including the Muffy Kids Earmuffs and Muffy Baby Earmuffs, which provide passive noise reduction and can be worn comfortably for extended periods. With adjustable headbands and soft cushioning, our earmuffs offer a snug fit and superior comfort for children of all ages, ensuring a peaceful sensory experience wherever they go.

Explore More Sensory Products

Enhance your sensory journey with these additional products from The Therapy Store:

  1. Sensory Rollers: Roll, bounce, toss, and discover! Each of these three high-quality silicone spheres features a unique design that mesmerises the eyes and captures the imagination. Enliven your child’s playtime expeditions with the cleverly captivating Sensory Rollers.
  2. Calm and Breezy Marble Run Sound Tree: Watch marbles cascade down this beautiful wooden tree, with each leaf making a different tone. Calming and mesmerising, it's a wonderful way to work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  3. Lights and Sounds Buzzers: Kids will light up with these fun buzzers! Sounds mimic real-world objects like a siren, game-show buzzer, laser, and 'charge!' A great way to boost student response during any class activity or game!

Explore these products and more to enrich sensory experiences for children of all ages!