The Therapy Store is Australia’s leading supplier of educational and therapy resources for children and teenagers. For more than 10 years, we have been providing schools, hospitals, families and therapists with tools and games to support kids and young adults with behavioural, learning and developmental difficulties such as autism and ADHD. As well as musical instruments and time management resources, we stock a range of vibrating sensory toys such as massagers, ticklers and utensils.

The benefits of vibrating sensory toys

Vibration therapy tools are beneficial for children with special needs, especially those with ADHD, autism or sensory processing disorder. Children with autism can sometimes struggle to grasp things with sensory stimulation, so vibrating toys are essential for helping them to develop their physical and mental abilities. Stimulating any of the five senses, our toys allow children to focus, relax and calm down by engaging their senses in a less distracting way.

Vibrating kids’ toys can decrease a child’s discomfort, enabling them to play naturally with their peers and develop social learning skills like sharing. They have also been found to improve neural processing systems by creating neurological pathways in the brain.

Cushions, utensils and more

Among our range of vibrating sensory toys for babies and children are vibrating cushions, which offer a gentle vibration when sat on and help the body to relax. What’s more, ARK’s Z range of motor tools, including spoons and grabbers, help to build oral tone as well as speech, biting and feeding skills by drawing more attention to the lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw. We also stock handheld massagers and head ticklers to help children focus and relieve stress and tension.

Explore The Therapy Store’s full range of vibrating sensory toys for babies and kids today.