Infant Toys

Little minds and bodies need lots of stimulation to help them develop into happy, fully-functional individuals. The Therapy Store range includes plenty of sensory and educational toys for babies and toddlers to provide the first step on this exciting journey of fun and learning.

The infant toys available from The Therapy Store are perfect for developing minds and bodies. The infant toys are best suited to children that are between newborn and 3-months old, but are also suitable for children as they age and develop further.

Our infant toys include a number of stuffed plushie toys, educational learning toys and therapeutic comfort toys. We have a wide range that is regularly being updated with new products for infants.

The Rainbow Stacker Teether is perfect for any child. As a teether, it soothes toddlers’ tender gums. The stackable coloured rings are a great way to foster creativity, hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Baby sensory toys don’t come much simpler than our Hand Puzzle. This puzzle game builds very early comprehension skills to get your infants mind working.

Oibo are one of our most popular toddler educational toys. These delightful building blocks are as imple as they come, allowing your child to make multi-coloured towers of light. This is a great toy for developing creativity, cause and effect, and colour coordination.

Our Weighted Animals prove that sensory toys for babies can be adorable. These soft, furry little creatures make for the perfect bedtime companion, helping to soothe restless sleepers. This is a wonderful way for you to encourage healthy sleeping habits within your newborn, all the while providing the perfect first friend.