Childrens Scissors

Children’s scissor cutting skills are hugely important for developing fine motor function, hand strength, hand-eye coordination and bilateral coordination in children. These skills factor into many everyday activities such as handwriting, scooping with utensils, zipping up a jacket and gripping a toothbrush. Our range of kid-friendly safety scissors ease children into this strange new activity so they can start feeling the benefits sooner.

Our kids’ safety scissors are perfect for using in many ways, such as during arts and crafts. This skill is something that can be dangerous without a product that has been specifically designed to be kid-safe. Our range of kids scissors are made for facilitating a safe learning experience for your child, with a number of different types for help in different elements of using scissors.

Self-Opening Scissors are the classic first set of paper cutters for kids. The sturdy scissors only cut paper, preventing accidental injury. The spring action automatically reopens these safety scissors to help out little hands providing a much-needed strength boost.

Our dual control training scissors have double finger loops to allow teacher/parent and child to use them at the same time. This lets you subtly guide the direction of the blades and lend extra strength when needed.

Mounted table top scissors are perfect for beginners or those with only one functioning hand. The non-slip base ensures your cutting stays on target, while you simply depress the T-shaped handle to work the blades. Similarly, our Paper Holder and Desk Clamp allow you to fix the sheet in place while you angle the scissors around them. These scissors are perfectly suited to children with physical disabilities which limit their ability to use regular scissors safely and effectively.