Oral Motor Exercises & Toys

Oral motor sensory toys and exercises build the motor skills required for correct feeding and speech development. Our range of oral motor products will help you improve the strength and coordination of your child’s lips, jaw, cheeks and tongue. The strength, coordination, and control of these oral structures are the foundation for all eating related tasks such as sucking, biting, licking and chewing.

Oral motor skills play an integral role in a child being able to successfully and independently eat as well as form positive associations with food. When these skills are missing feeding can become difficult and stressful for those involved, which is why it is recommended to foster your child’s oral motor skills with relevant exercises.

Bubble blowers are a classic childhood toy, and a handy way to practise oral motor exercises while having fun. We have several different types of bubble blowers available, including Bubble friends who also foster creativity while aiding oral motor development, making a fantastic option for children aged three and up.

The Treads Bangle helps children with oral fixations on their cuffs and fingers by redirecting the focus onto a safe and durable object. The tire-tread design’s texture makes it one of our most effective and satisfying oral sensory toys for children.

Thumb sucking can be a great comfort to small children, but once adult teeth start to come in, children need to break the habit to prevent incorrect tooth alignment. How to Stop Thumbsucking is a practical and detailed book that provides the most effective strategies for reducing this behaviour. The book takes a common sense approach and is even suitable for older children to read to themselves.

Our range of toothbrushes, including the Flashing Penguin Toothbrush are designed to help increase brushing time to help teach children the best oral hygiene habits. They also are made with an ergonomic handle that is easy for little hands to grip, creating an effective and fun toothbrushing experience.