Eating & Drinking

The Therapy Store is proud to supply the largest selection of education and therapy resources for children and young adults. For over a decade we have provided adaptive eating equipment for individuals of all abilities to homes, hospitals, schools and therapists in Australia. Our mission is to ensure parents and medical professionals have access to the resources they need to help children overcome learning, behaviour and development hurdles. Our wide product selection includes everything from sensory toys to educational materials from the best national and international brands.

We are constantly updating our selection of adaptive equipment for eating to ensure our customers have access to the latest products and innovations from adaptive eating brands. For example, we stock a scooper plate that remains in place and reduces eating spills and easy-grip cutlery that helps children with limited hand strength or limited motion to feed themselves independently. For children and adults with special needs, adaptive equipment for eating gives them the tools and support they need to eat independently and the freedom to feed themselves easily.

Like adaptive eating equipment, adaptive equipment for drinking can help a child or adult with disabilities increase their independence and exercise their motor skills. For individuals with oral motor difficulties, special needs drinking cups can help to control liquid flow and enables hands-free drinking, providing additional stability also. We supply, for example, Lip Blok products which naturally exercise the mouth and One-Way Straws to make sucking liquid easier whilst reducing choking hazards.

If you require adaptive equipment for eating or drinking, do not hesitate to browse our selection of equipment. We stock a wide range of sensory tools and equipment and regularly update and expand our product selection. If you have a query about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.