Z-Vibe & Accessories

Z-Vibe Tool and Accessories

Welcome to The Therapy Store's comprehensive collection of Z-Vibe tools and accessories, meticulously crafted to elevate oral motor and sensory development, thereby fostering enhanced learning and communication for individuals of all ages.

Explore our diverse range designed to provide targeted tactile cues, increase oral focus, and support feeding and sensory skills. As a therapeutic tool intended for various applications, the Z-Vibe empowers users under the direct supervision of trained caregivers, offering additional tactile input for a personalised and effective experience.

The Z-Vibe features a variety of innovative design elements, including a non-slip grip, a lightweight plastic handpiece with gentle bumps, and a selection of tips for oral motor therapy. This collection is compliant with FDA standards, made in the USA, and aligns with Australian Consumer Law, ensuring safety and quality.

Caution is advised, especially within the oral cavity, and our user-friendly design allows for customise usage. Simply twist to switch tips, providing varied sensory experiences. Tips are sold separately, allowing users to tailor their Z-Vibe tool to specific needs.

Vibratory Oral Motor Tool

The Z-Vibe, a vibratory oral motor tool, goes beyond traditional therapy methods. It features an innovative design with a non-slip grip, varied sensory experiences, and medical-grade materials. Our collection ensures a safe and effective therapeutic experience.

Z-Vibe Speech Therapy

Use effective speech therapy with Z-Vibe, providing targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity. The sleek and innovative design features a lightweight plastic handpiece with gentle bumps, offering a comfortable and stimulating experience for users.

Buy Ark Z-Vibe  Therapeutic Products

Discover the therapeutic benefits of Ark's Z-Vibe products in our collection. Carefully selected to help build oral tone, improve oral focus, and provide additional tactile input, these products cater to a variety of therapeutic needs.

Sensory Skills and Feeding Development

Experience a therapeutic tool intended for sensory skills and feeding development. The Z-Vibe offers a varied sensory experience, allowing users to explore oral focus and draw on their sensory skills for improved communication and learning.

Battery-Operated Convenience

The Z-Vibe comes with a special vibe battery, providing gentle vibrations for enhanced therapy sessions. With a simple twist, users can switch tips for varied sensory experiences. Please note that tips are sold separately, offering customisation for individual needs.

Optimal Use 

For optimal use, we recommend not over-tightening the tips, ensuring a secure fit without compromising safety. The Z-Vibe is designed for easy handling, featuring a non-slip grip and a variety of tips for different therapeutic purposes. 

Explore The Therapy Store's Z-Vibe Tool and Accessories Collection—a carefully curated range designed for enhanced oral motor and sensory development. Whether you're a professional therapist or a caregiver, our collection provides therapeutic benefits, supporting oral tone, improving focus, and offering a variety of sensory experiences. Buy online to empower learning and communication today.