As Australia’s largest stockist of therapy and education resources, The Therapy Store has been providing schools, childcare centres and families with visual toys and aids for more than 10 years. Our games and tools are designed to help learning-impaired and autistic children manage the challenges they face in everyday life and fulfil their unique potential.

Visual toys for autism

Visual aids and toys are non-verbal ways for children with autism to make sense of the world around them and communicate their needs. Most children with autism are visual learners, so using visual aids for autism in the classroom could help to reduce their frustration and improve their level of interaction.

Autism visual aids such as learning flashcards also give children a sense of autonomy, allowing them to make their own choices and express their ideas, opinions and personalities. However, perhaps most importantly, visual sensory toys can open lines of communication between children and their teachers or caregivers.

Lava lamps, flashcards and more

At The Therapy Store, we stock a number of visual toys for babies and children, including lava lamps, alarm clocks and squishy beads. Squishy beads are great for relieving stress and helping children to work on their fine motor development and hand strength, while lava lamps are ideal for calming active minds or providing a point of focus for children who crave visual stimulation.

We also have an extensive range of flashcards covering a wide selection of topics, including categories, feelings & emotions and verbs. As well as building a child’s strength, balance, height and motor planning abilities, they are encouraged to develop their language, communication and conversation skills.

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