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Individualised assessment record booklet with the 585 HELP 3-6 skills behaviours listed by age within the 6 domain (format is identical to the popular HELP 0-3 Checklist).

  • Columns for recording assessment dates, credit, ongoing observations and notes.
  • Provides Definitions for each item.
  • Provides a complete developmental profile.
  • Covers the six developmental domains: Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social, and Self-Help.
  • Helpful for assessment of children who are developing normally or considered “at-risk.”
  • Convenient for reviewing and tracking behaviours/skills by age.
  • Useful for identifying skill sequences and planning full inclusion for each child.
  • Cross-indexed by ID number to all the HELP 3-6 materials.

Saves time: Helps you identify the “next steps” in development. Individualised record booklet simplifies developmental assessment by arraying the HELP 3-6 items into 47 developmentally sequenced strands.

Comprehensive: Facilitates your focus on a child’s strengths, as well as needs, provides adaptations for assessing each behaviour/skill, and promotes high expectations for all children — covers the six developmental domains: Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional, and Self Help.

For use with all children:The HELP 3-6 behaviours/skills follow a “normal” developmental sequence within strands and are applicable to all children. Three of the strands are for use with children who have special needs:
2-8 Sign Language
2-9 Speech reading
3-9 Wheelchair Skills.

*Please note this product is only available to health professionals and organisations



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