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Makes curriculum planning more practical and efficient. Links instruction directly to assessment with thousands of effective instructional activities.

  • Provides easier curriculum planning and classroom management
  • Comprehensive — provides the “curriculum” side of one of the most popular curriculum-based assessments by offering detailed activities for the behaviours/skills.
  • Provides Definitions, Materials, and Instructional Activities for each item.
  • Cross-indexed by ID number to all the HELP 3-6 materials.

Easier-to-use: The Curriculum Guide is now a separate book from the Assessment Manual, making curriculum planning more practical and efficient.

Updated: The Guide covers new behaviours/skills with improved age-ranges and wording, along with improved definitions, instructional activities, and lists of materials for use in instruction.

Saves time: Practical and convenient format puts effective curriculum, linked directly to the HELP 3-6 assessment, at your fingertips.

Comprehensive: Facilitates your focus on a child’s strengths, as well as needs, provides adaptations for assessing each behaviour/skill, and promotes high expectations for all children.– with thousands of instructional activities for the six developmental domains: Cognitive, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional, and Self Help.

For use with all children: Provides clear, contextual Definitions and Adaptations for each behaviour/skill to help clarify and target functional goals/outcomes.

*Please note this product is only available to health professionals and organisations


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