Imaginative Play

The Therapy Store is home to Australia's widest selection of educational resources and imaginative play activities for children and young adults. Our extensive range of resources and products include everything from sensory toys to educational material that can enhance imaginative play and overcome development hurdles. We are proud to stock products from tried-and-tested popular brands as well as cult brands that create products to help children unlock their true potential. For over a decade, we have provided our products to schools, families, hospitals and therapists.

Imaginative play, also known as make-believe or pretend play, is a loosely structured type of play that usually involves some kind of role play, object substitution or non-literal behaviour. Imaginative play activities allow children to develop their communication skills with other children and express themselves creatively. Pretend play can boost self-regulation and problem solving, as other children can create situations where your child does not always get what they want, forcing a child to adapt to and accept limitations. Imaginative play often presents many incidental learning opportunities, allowing children to naturally learn and practise positive behaviour. To inspire children to engage with pretend play from a young age, imaginative play toys can be used.

At The Therapy Store, we understand the importance of imaginative play for children. This is why we constantly update our imaginative play activities and toy selection. We stock a wide range of products from soft play characters that will inspire a child's imagination to sensory sand activities that will allow children to exercise their creativity. Browse our selection of imaginative play toys and activities for all of your sensory tool and equipment needs. If you would like any guidance about which products may benefit your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.