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At The Therapy Store, we stock the widest range of therapy and education resources for young adults and children in Australia. All of our products have been designed to help educate and engage children with behavioural, developmental or educational needs, including ADD, ADHD and autism. Hoping to inspire children to meet their unique potential, our musical instruments for kids are suitable for home, school and hospital environments.

The benefits of musical instruments

Musical instruments support the development of a number of key skills, including coordination, fine motor, memory and reading. While all children can benefit from playing a musical instrument, it is especially beneficial for kids with ADHD, ADD or autism who often struggle to focus and communicate. Not only does playing an instrument provide an outlet, it has been proven to promote brain development and strengthen focus, timing and rhythm.

At The Therapy Store, we offer a selection of musical instruments for kids, including pop toobsegg maracas and echo microphones. Our echo microphone is designed to encourage speech and communication, while egg maracas are the perfect musical toys for babies, introducing them to hand function control and rhythm at an early age.

The kazoo is a classic first instrument for many children, so if you’re thinking of making a larger investment in kids’ musical instruments, our colourful selection is a great starting point. With no notes to learn and no slides or holes to configure, kazoos are easy-to-learn and can teach children the basics before processing onto woodwind instruments such as flutes and clarinets.

Order kids’ musical instruments today

Browse our full selection of musical instruments at The Therapy Store today. We also stock a range of other therapy resources, including time management games and sensory toys.