Bed Time

At The Therapy Store, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of therapy and educational resources for families, children and facilities Australia-wide. We aim to provide any schools, hospitals, families and therapists with all the tools and equipment they may need to help and satisfy children with developmental or behavioural struggles. This may include autism spectrum disorder, ADHD/ADD, and numerous others. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of products that are chosen to cover everything from bedtime, to playtime, to learning. We aim to educate and engage these children so they can continue to learn and develop to the best of their abilities.

One of our product ranges includes everything a child may need before or at bedtime. Bedtime toys are integral for children that are differently-abled, as they can provide companionship, meaning they can self-soothe before it’s time to sleep. This range is constantly being updated, and we are always looking out for new toys and materials that may benefit a child at bedtime.

Our current range includes a number of micro bean-filled animals, which act as a comforting companion in bed. Your child can choose from Sammy the Sloth, Dante the Dragon and Ricky the Racoon, all ready and waiting to help a child get to sleep. We also sell different varieties of lava lamps, which act as a great calming device for children before bed. They also offer a focus point for any children who crave a visual stimulant. Plus, we cover the general pre-bedtime routine, which can often be just as important. Why not purchase a flashing toothbrush for your child? This makes teeth brushing fun, rather than a chore.

For bedtime toys for toddlers or older children, make sure to explore our full range of bed time toys at The Therapy Store. We cover all your bedtime needs and are always updating our impressive product range.