Handwriting Tools & Pencil Grips

Young children often can find developing their handwriting skills to be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, improving handwriting can be as simple as using the right pencil grips and engaging in fun writing and drawing activities.

Handwriting is a basic tool used across many school subjects to take notes, tests, and complete classroom work and homework for almost every content area. This means poor handwriting skills can have a pervasive effect on overall school performance.

Handwriting exercises are an excellent way to build a strong and reliable handwriting technique. Writing can be a source of contention for many children with or without special needs, causing reluctance to practice proper writing skills. Handwriting tools and exercises can introduce fun ways to teach handwriting that help foster this important skill.

Pencil grips provide a helpful guide for finger placement on the pencil and can assist with those who hold the pencil too close or too far from the led tip. They are also instrumental in helping reduce pressure and maintain optimal finger joint position. The correct hand and finger positioning can reduce fine motor muscle fatigue and pain as well as improving handwriting quality, reducing friction for completing schoolwork or handwriting tasks. Our huge range of pencil grips come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs to suit all ages and pencil shapes. These can be very helpful in improving legibility, but remember, a grip needs to be used correctly to be effective.

One of The Therapy Store’s handwriting tools is Learn to Write Paper, an easy to use program available in six individual stages or as a complete set. Each page has ruled thirds including a raised line that gives a kinaesthetic cue to write in a straight line. The lines assist in helping children learn where to start writing on a page, writing letters along a line, as well as positioning, spacing, and sizing letters correctly.