Sensory & Fidget Kits

The Therapy Store has sensory tools and fidget kits to help parents, teachers and professionals address a wide range of children’s problems with physical expression. If your children or students would benefit from sensory toys or kits, shop the full range below.

The sensory kits that we offer for kids are perfect for the classroom or the home, allowing your kids an outlet for their stresses or anxieties. By providing this to them through a product that has been specifically formulated to help, you can ensure that they are not expressing themselves through other harmful or distracting physical movements. If your child has a developmental disorder such as Autism, ADD or ADHD, these kits may be perfect for you!

A sensory chew necklace is an excellent first step in overcoming oral fixations. The Chewlery Sample Kit comes with two chewable necklaces and bracelets as part of the kit, each in the regular and large size. This helps you test which product works best for your child, so you can move forward from there.

Our sensory fidget kits contains 13 of our most popular fidget toys in one convenient package. These toys help reduce stress and focus attention by redirecting a child’s nervous energy in a more productive direction. Fidget toys have shown to be especially effective with children diagnosed with ADHD.

The Rainbow Road School Programme is designed to help primary school-age students in learning environments where there may not always be an Occupational Therapist available. With this comprehensive sensory kit, teachers can identify and prioritise areas of delayed development in each student. This is invaluable in determining the optimal treatment path for every individual child, to give them the specific help they need.