Aids for Daily Living

Our daily living aids are carefully chosen with the necessary life skills for kids and adults in mind. No matter the level of ability, our aim is to provide resources that help them gain confidence and skill through independent living products. We aim to ensure access to quality products that will help complete important everyday tasks with ease.

Aids for daily living play a major role in children of varying abilities overall functional growth, independence, and confidence. ADL are adaptive devices comprised of any tool or device that have been altered in a specific way to make it easier for a person with a disability to use.

For children with different special needs, ADL can be used to allow for participation in more activities, enhance learning, improve communication, hearing, and mobility. By using aids for daily living to assist with these activities’ children can experience better academic performance and a more engaged social life through improved communication and fulfillment of needs.

Our diverse selection of learning colour cards helps children to recognise and relate to different emotions, body language and social situations. They also encourage thinking and creativity, getting kids writing what they think is going on in a character’s head in certain situations.

For developing children’s physical skills, we have a wide range of daily living aids available. We have several different cup designs to help children with limited upper body movement, including the soft Flexi Cup and the slanting Handy Cup. The Bionic Claw is excellent for developing a child’s grip, while our paediatric cutlery helps children with limited motor skills to feed themselves.

We also have some fun items designed to encourage good daily habits. The Flashing Penguin Toothbrush is a favourite, making brushing time last longer with its flashing light and handy ergonomic grip. The Wee Target is handy for boys learning to use the toilet standing up, rewarding good aim with colourful pictures. Browse our aids for daily living catalogue for all of your ADL needs.