The Therapy Store stocks a range of behavioural products, all of which are designed to help parents and teachers manage the behaviour of their child. We understand how helpful behavioural tools and strategies can be in encouraging a child to behave well. Browse the range below!

There are many behavioural management strategies available to help children with anger and antisocial behaviour issues. Our behavioural range of products is designed to offer positive solutions to difficult situations, on a level that children can relate to. We aim to make child behaviour management as trouble-free as possible for all involved.

Our behaviour management solutions are perfect for use at home, but can also be used as part of the learning tools at school. Our learning tools are great for facilitating positive reinforcement, rewarding good behaviour both at school or at home.

We have an extensive selection of flash cards to help children identify emotions and feelings from common facial expressions. These help children understand the connection between thoughts and feelings, develop empathy for others, and to put themselves in their shoes before acting.

Other decks of cards we offer explore a broad range of basic concepts and hypothetical scenarios for children to imagine. The Difficult Situations Fun Deck presents the child with potentially stressful situations to respond to, which helps develop anger management techniques, reasoning and memory skills which can be translated into use in the real world.

Our behavioural tools can be the perfect addition to your child’s development. With a careful and considered approach, you can ensure that your child grows into the mature adult they’re destined to be.