Special Needs Play Equipment & Toys

The Therapy Store has a range of special needs play equipment and special needs toys for children. From improving a child’s balance and coordination to simply making play time easier, our equipment includes the best selection of special needs toys in Australia.

Special needs toys are an integral part of development for children across all abilities and ages. They provide unrivalled capacity to help children develop as social individuals, practice eye contact with others, understand non-verbal messages, and develop conversational skills. Specially created play equipment can help both special needs children and adults with their socialisation skills.

With The Therapy Store’s range of special needs play equipment you can foster your child’s intellectual, physical and emotional skills through safe and enjoyable toys and games. This includes toys for children on the Autism Spectrum, children with sensory processing or development issues, and a range of other disabilities.

Kids love to bounce, and the Happy Hopperz are a fun and adorable way to do just that. These inflatable dogs and dinos are an excellent way to develop balance and gross motor skills while having fun. For more challenge, the Saturn Hoppit will also build lower body strength as kids try to keep from bouncing off!

The Pedal Roller is another excellent piece of special needs equipment for teaching gross motor skills in a fun way. All kids have to do is walk on the platforms to propel it forwards, while learning about action and reaction. Skipping ropes encourage children to get active, improving coordination and dexterity as they strive to beat their previous record.

Some of our equipment is just plain cool. The Sonic Power demonstrates electrical conductivity in a completely safe and visually stimulating way. This is a great way to pique children’s curiosity about how and why things work the way they do.