Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere


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Meet Geode! A sphere of magnetic pentagons that magically assembles every time. Clear on one side, colour on the other, this desk toy is never ending fun.

What is Geode? 

Geode is a geometric sphere made from 12 pentagonal tiles. Each tile has 5 magnets that spin so the pieces will connect from any angle. Smash the sphere and stack the tiles into unlimited shapes.

  • The specs (bold)
  • 12 pentagonal pieces
  • 60 rare earth magnets
  • Geometric perfection
  • Reversible pieces

Are SPEKS Geode safe? 

SPEKS meet all toy and safety standards and are safe with proper use by anyone over the age of 14. Their magnetic flux index rating is less than 50, however SPEKS should never be put near or in your nose or mouth. If a piece breaks, make sure to find any loose magnets and discard immediately.

WARNING: This product contains small magnets which can stick across intestines causing serious injury or death if swallowed. Discard if magnets become loose. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Keep away from all children.

Ages 14+


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