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There a few tools that offer the same sensory input as a body sock. Available in 4 sizes, these Lycra suits offer a truly unique tactile, proprioceptive and deep pressure experience.

See through, breathable and velcro free, these body socks are durable enough for schools, clinics and home. The entrance hole can also be positioned to suit your child, whether they want to keep their head out, or become completely covered.

Once inside the sock, kids will enjoy a range of activities and games. Use a mirror to strike different poses, a lamp in a dark room to create silhouettes or free play to create whatever they like! For more of a challenge, ask them to complete tasks that would be simple outside the sock but more difficult in it, like walking across a room to pick up an item off a table.

Small – 1.0m tall – $64.95
Medium – 1.2m tall – $66.95
Large – 1.4m tall – $68.95
Extra Large – 1.6m tall – $69.95

As a guide you want the height of the sock to match the child. These need to be tight!



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Brand Sensory Matters
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