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Howda Hug


The HowdaHug is the chair that embraces like a hug!

Made in the USA from 100% cotton canvas and renewable American Basewood, the HowdaHug is designed for active kids who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment. The smooth rocking action and cradle like comfort make for a calm and peaceful seating experience. Benefits include increased focus and eye contact, less fidgeting, more concentration and all around better sitting experience.

Available in 3 sizes, please see the descriptions below:

HowdaHug Petite: A great first chair for early years that will set the stage for good posture. Recommended for children aged 3-5+ and up to approx. 20kg

HowdaHug 1: The original and most popular model that fits the majority of children. Recommended for children aged 7-13+ and up to approx. 55kg

HowdaHug 2: Designed for taller or narrower children.  Recommended for children aged 5-10+ and up to approx. 45kg

All HowdaHugs are available in the colours as shown as well as blue only.

1 - MULTI SKU: 1125
2 - MULTI SKU: 1135
1 - BLUE SKU: 1125-B
2 - BLUE SKU: 1135-B