There's A Monster On My Shoulder


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Author: Erin Joy Bernardi 

Anxiety can be a Monster… but guess what? YOU are stronger than that Monster! Want to learn how to make Monsters disappear?

I chose a Monster to personify anxiety. This is because in my experience, having anxiety is like having a Monster following you everywhere you go. A Monster that knows everything about you. What scares you, what worries you, what makes you insecure and then uses those things against you as it whispers anxious thoughts into your ear. After a while, those whispers become louder until it’s hard to hear anything else.

I wanted to personify anxiety because anxiety is not a part of you. Anxiety is its own entity, and you can make it go away with the right tools and support. You are you; you are not anxiety. You have control over your thoughts as you are the one aware of the thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. I hope this book helps trigger children’s awareness of who they actually are at their essence. Once that awareness emerges anxiety has no control over you at all.


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