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The Monkey & Chops Pocket Money Maths chart helps to create a link between responsibility and monetary reward. It provides parents with a resource for allocating household chores, whilst linking this with the distribution of the weekly allowance. By adding a value to each chore that’s completed, it promotes your child’s understanding of monetary value and most importantly, introduces them to real life applications for everyday mathematics.

Each pack includes 1 Pocket Money Maths Chart, 37 pocket money magnets and 1 dry-erase pen.

Dimensions: Pocket Money Maths Chart 27 x 39cm

Age: 3yrs +

NOTE: This product is a magnet and must be attached to a metallic surface such as a fridge, magnetic picture board, whiteboard etc. Some stainless steel fridges have low levels of iron in their doors and are therefore not magnetic. Please check the magnetism of your fridge with a typical fridge magnet before purchasing.


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