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Made in Germany from lightweight, super tough polypropylene, Hokki’s are an active stool that promote playful movement and activity. This is all thanks to the convex design of the base that makes the Hokki movable in all directions, while still being stable to sit on.

Used in kindergartens, schools, play areas, waiting rooms and homes across the world, Hokki stools absorb and encourage movement while at the same time improving the attention span of the children while being engaged in the learning process. The inner organs of the body are opened up and the muscles supporting the lumbar spine are passively exercised and strengthened allowing more oxygen flows through the body and the brain.

The 38cm Hokki also features a foam seating pad and is available in a blue, orange and red.

Designed to fit with early years school sized furniture. As a guide, this size is typivally suitable for ages 5-8. 


SKU P5152
Brand VS Hokki
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

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