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The Alert Program CD is a double CD set. One of the CD’s is an introduction to the program with excerpts from the Leader’s Guide that are read by the authors. Many enjoy listening to it in the car, rather than reading the booklet. The second CD has fun, playful songs that help children change their engine speeds. As children get familiar with the Alert Program® CD, they will get to know their favourite songs and might request a song that will help them with their engine level. For instance, a child might say something like, “Mum, it’s time for me to go to sleep and my engine is running high. Could we play that song off of the Alert Program® CD?”

Delight parents, teachers, and children with this instructional, yet playful, CD set. One of the Alert Program® CDs highlights excerpts from the Leader’s Guide and the Introductory Booklet, read by the authors. The other Alert Program® CD offers songs to support children (ages 5-12) to function optimally at school, at home, and in therapy sessions. All songs are coded so the listener will know whether they help to alert, calm, or both alert and calm the nervous system.

Kid-tested, therapist-approved with titles such as Slo-Mo, Thumb Wrestling, Swamp Balomp, Hawk, and Hokey OT.


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