Time Timer MOD - Home Edition - Covers


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Protect and stylise your Time Timer MOD - Home Edition with these fun, colorful cases. These accessory cases are sold in two value pack options:

  • Colour Value 2 Pack - includes a Dreamsicle Orange and a Lake Day Blue Case
  • Neutral Value 2 Pack - includes a Cotton Ball White and a Pale Shale Case

Mix and match, easily switch out when your mood changes, or use the coloured case to signify different tasks or children! 

These cases are a soft silicone texture that can be soothing for anxiety and sensory sensitivities in addition to providing style and durability to your visual timer. They are easily removable and can slide right over your Time Timer MOD. 

These cases are an accessory to the Time Timer MOD - Home Edition. Time Timer not included. 


Brand Time Timer
Shipping Weight 0.0600kg

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