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This wonderful program is available in six individual stages or as a complete set.

Each page has ruled thirds that include three colours -Blue Sky for the letters with necks, Green Grass to write along, and Brown Dirt under the ground for the letters with tails to go down to. There is also a raised line along the top of the Brown Dirt which gives a kinesthetic cue for the child to write in a straight line in the correct space. Stage 1 is for beginning handwriters and progresses to stage 6 for more skilled handwriters.

Help children learn where to start writing on a page, learn to write letters along a line, learn to position letters in a line with body necks and tails and learn to space each letter correctly.

Stages 1-3 are in pads of 50 pages
Stages 4-6 are in pads of 30 pages

Proudly designed and printed in Australia using recycled materials.


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