How Do You Doodle?: Drawing My Feelings and Emotions


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Author: Elise Gravel 

They doodle when they are mad, they doodle when they are glad, and they doodle when they are sad. They doodle just about anything they want! What about you? Do you doodle, too?

How Do You Doodle? has over 40 doodle games for you to doodle, scribble, and draw out your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. You can draw or write whatever you want in this book — cute drawings, silly drawings, even ugly drawings. Be creative and express yourself! Your doodles will help you to understand and recognize your emotions and feelings.

How Do You Doodle? is a drawing book for kids to help them get in touch with and learn to express their emotions. The book is divided up into different fun doodle activities such as name your feelings, what do you feel when, and how does it feel when to help readers start thinking about what they experience when they are feeling an emotion. How do You Doodle? can be used alone, or in association with a therapist or parent to help kids better realise and understand their emotional responses to situations, and to help promote better emotional health. A ”Note to Parents” is included.


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