Nee Doh Magic Colour Egg


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The groovy gratifying super soft, stretchy dough like Nee Doh is now available as a magical egg.

Nee Doh Magic Color Egg looks like a plain white egg in a colorful removeable shell, but when you squeeze it a marbleized raindow of colours appear. Every squeeze, smush, and stretch you see a colour sensation.

Includes one Nee Doh Magic Color Egg. Colours chosen at random.

Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these poducts means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to, but unfortunately they don't... Depending on use they may last an hour, a week or a year. Generally the freindlier you are, the longer they last. All squishy and stretchy items are durable, but not indestructible. Not recommended for children who may try to bite, chew or ingest the contents. Avoid aggressive or excessive squishing, stretching and contact with any sharp objects.

Ages 3+


Brand Schylling

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