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Discreet, noiseless and perfectly pocket sized, these 305g Kaiko Hand Rollers are fantastic for keeping hands of all sizes busy.

This heavier version of the original Kaiko Hand Roller is suited to larger and stronger hands of young teens and older. Roll them between your hands, flip them in your palm or just roll them in a single hand, these rollers feel smooth and seamless. A wonderful calming tool and great stress reliever.

Kaiko fidgets are great for assisting:

  • Self regulation and sensory input
  • Calming – great for assisting with anxiety and reducing stress
  • Focus and concentration – great study or work tool and for encouraging active listening
  • Tactile awareness
  • Fine motor skill development – strengthening hands and fingers
  • Reduction in unhelpful habits – such as nail biting, smoking, tapping, hair twirling and leg bouncing

This version is great for larger/stronger hands at 305g in weight.

Ages 5+


Brand Kaiko

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