Special Needs Resources

The Therapy Store is dedicated to supplying parents, teachers and professionals with a wide range of special needs educational toys. These toys will help the children to develop the skills which are vital in everyday life. As a result of our wide variety of toys for special needs, The Therapy Store is guaranteed to have something for all ages and all stages.

In order for teachers to do their job in the most effective way possible, they need to have the right resources. Our educational toys for teachers can truly make a difference in the child’s education and are vital for those who work with children with Autism, Asperger’s or special needs. Teachers can use the resources and therapy toys to create a calm environment where the children are able to focus and learn.   

It is equally important for parents to have the right resources, information and products for their child with special needs. The Therapy Store has all the educational toys parents could need in order to help their child learn and to give them the best start in life.

The Therapy Store offers a wide range of educational toys for special needs which can truly make a difference in a child’s life. We are dedicated to helping children and supplying them, their teachers and their parents with the right products and resources to help them to grow and learn. The Therapy Store ships its products all around Australia and accepts orders from schools, therapy clinics and government institutions.