Our team at The Therapy Store are as aware as parents are that kids love to chew; it's a skill they will develop during their early months of teething and through the following years. Like you, we appreciate that such actions need to be safe, with adult supervision always a vital aspect, while using carefully tested and fully approved medical grade and resilient products.

This is why we choose to offer only the best of local and international brands to our Australia-wide and international customers.

Our sensory chew toys for children and engaging educational materials are found in both schools and hospitals. They are also regularly used by qualified therapists working in developing oral motor development in the fields of learning and behavioural disorders, including autism.

These superb toys help kids with chewing tendencies to focus on activities, such as homework. They can also help to calm and soothe them when stressed, and allow them to develop safe sensory oral motor output skills. Children's sensory chew toys, such as a necklace for example, are certainly better choices than chewing on knuckles and fingers, clothing or pencils - which can be downright dangerous.

With around fifty (and we're always adding more) safe sensory chew products, we're sure you'll find just what your child needs. Choices range from complete kits of chewable fun, to necklaces (featuring everything from buttons to dinosaurs, basketball to robots), pendants and dog tags, wristbands, bracelets and bangles, to pencil toppers.

Add attention-grabbing coloured wheels and bricks, letters, teething and co-ordination enhancing stackers, and grabbers. Your little ones can even 'use' their own chewable smartphone, available in brilliant Grassy Green or Hawaiian Blue!

Whether for your own teether or chewer, or as a thoughtful gift which would be welcomed by many frazzled parents, take time to browse and choose from these brilliant kids' chew products here at The Therapy Store now.