Educational Toys

With our wide variety of educational toys and passion for helping children learn, The Therapy Store is the place to look for educational toys for all ages. We aim to supply the best educational toys for kids which are suitable for homes, childcare centres, early learning centres, special schools, toy libraries and the general public. We are committed to providing an extensive range of educational toys for teachers, parents and professionals, which were created specifically in order to encourage interaction and engagement.

The Therapy Store’s educational toys for children are the perfect fit for any classroom. Teachers can incorporate educational toys into their lessons to help keep the children focused and allow them to have fun while they learn. We stock a wide range of educational toys which are suitable for teachers to use in the classroom, allowing the children to associate learning with fun.

Parents can also further their children’s education by having educational toys around the house. The Therapy Store’s wide variety of educational toys make learning fun, and allow children to develop their sensory-motor skills through play. Children are naturally curious and love to explore, so by placing educational toys in the home, parents are actively encouraging their children to learn.


The Therapy Store’s educational toys can turn any environment into a learning environment, and they allow children to grow and develop at their own pace. We ship our products all around Australia and accept orders from schools, therapy clinics and government institutions as well. If you are interested in helping a child learn through the use of educational toys, check out the wide range at The Therapy Store.