• Mindfulness and resilience taught in a way that kids love!

    As parents, family and teachers we often expect children to manage their emotions, but have we given them all the tools to do so? Mindfulness, resilience and focus are all learned skills and activities like yoga are a wonderful way to learn them. After more than ten years as a kindergarten teacher, Chantelle Emmerton moved to become…Read More >

  • When can I have my own money?!

    “When can I have my own money?!” It’s a question most parents have heard from a child who’s just been told something is too expensive or that no one needs to buy 7 packets of jelly beans. So, when is the right time to introduce your little person to the world of financial freedom? Is…Read More >

  • Are these the ultimate screen time alternative?

    They’re one of our most recommended items in the challenge against too much screen time. They’re also one of our most recommended items for active little people who love building stuff up as much as they love to knock stuff down! Roughly the size of a standard house brick, KICKBricks are soft enough to crash through, but firm enough…Read More >

  • What are open ended toys and why are they good for kids development?

    As children, most of us will remember turning cardboard boxes into spaceships or holding tea parties without any actual tea. These sorts of activities didn’t require a comprehensive list of instructions, a handful of batteries, or an app to be downloaded before you could start. Imagination and creativity were the only tools you needed, and if you were short on either, this…Read More >

  • How do you read a story book to someone who can’t hear?

    How do you read a story book to someone who can’t hear? Or teach someone to read who can’t speak?  Sometimes it takes a couple of people who’ve grown up with the challenge to provide the solution, and in this case, two wonderful and deaf mothers who wanted to see sign language and deaf characters…Read More >