Sydney Educationalal & Development Toys

At The Therapy Store, we strive to assist Sydney educators, families and carers in providing the most beneficial learning experience possible to those challenged by learning or behavioural difficulties. We offer an exclusive range of educational and therapeutical products for children and adults to ensure challenges can be overcome, and personal goals reached.

With years of experience in servicing residents of Sydney, we understand our customers and endeavour to meet individual wants and needs. Our online specialty store provides Sydney with educational toys to improve learning experiences in hospitals, schools and at home.

The range of sensory toys available from our store are designed to assist children who are easily distracted or unable to focus on set tasks. Weighted blankets are perfect for establishing a calm environment where children can self-regulate their sensory input, enabling them to relax and focus. We also offer a selection of vibrant and versatile fidget toys, perfect for building gross and fine motor skills anywhere and at any time of the day. Fun and highly beneficial, these toys encourage development whilst providing hours of entertainment and engagement.

For fun, indoor and mess-free activities browse our range of kinetic sand products, including moulds and tools for an enjoyable hassle-free experience.

The Therapy Store’s passion for providing quality services and products, allows customers to enjoy a smooth and simple shopping experience. An excellent range of products combined with carers’ tireless efforts, encourages all children and adults facing learning obstacles to reach their full potential.

Visit The Therapy Store’s online store to begin a unique and highly beneficial learning and behavioural development experience.