Weighted Monster


How good does this guy look?!

These Weighted Monsters are a wonderful and cuddly way to assist with sensory regulation for children and young adults living with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and Restless Leg Syndrome. They can be very helpful for kids who are unable to sit still in their chair, are easily distracted, or unable to focus on the task they have been set. They’re also great for calming down before bed!

They are filled with poly pellets that are held in a removable and secure double stitched, double layered weighted insert that can be machine washed.  The monsters themselves are best washed by hand. Alongside the benefit of the 2.5kg of weight, there is also the extra sensory input of the lusciously soft fabric as well as the fact that they don’t look ‘clinical’… they are just a regular looking soft toy!

Weight: 2.5kg (the heaviest of the weighted toys)

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