Successful R Therapy


Author: Pam Marshalla

Facilitate correct R in the most difficult clients with this unique blend of traditional articulation therapy practices and techniques to stimulate better tongue control for /r/. Excellent for student and professional SLPs.
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This book teaches how the jaw, lips, and tongue work for correct R production. Learn to understand the difference between the Consonantal R and the Vocalic R, and between a Tip R and a Back R. Successful R Therapy teaches you how to train even the most difficult R clients. You’ll learn how to establish a “Cornerstone R” (the first R sound your student can produce consistently) and then move quickly to words, sentences, and conversational speech.

Successful R Therapy was used as a textbook at the University of Kentucky in 2007 for the class Phonological Development and Disorders (CD 661). The book was also a suggested resource for Neurological Speech Disorders II (CD 678). This book is currently being used as supplemental reading material in college and university courses on articulation.

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