Roll Up Car Mat


Broom broom!  How many times have you asked your child to leave their toy cars at home, for fear of losing them while you are out and about? 

These washable and very portable Roll Up Car Mats are easy to pack up and take along with you. Designed right here in Australia the mats have a fun Aussie theme with many recognisable destinations for them to drive their cars to, including driving from the supermarket, school, car wash, grocer or even the local footy and cricket game – it has it all, and the cars pictured within the illustration drive on the correct side of the road.. Many families use the car mats in waiting rooms, at restaurants and they are also great to take away on holidays. 

These car mats are also used by many Speech Pathologists during individual and group therapy to encourage children to initiate and develop communication skills and vocabulary.  They can also be located in the Principal’s office and in the ‘quiet corners’ of pre schools and child care centres, to allow children who are overstimulated in the environment to take a break.

The small Roll Up Car Mat size (unrolled) is approximately 60 x 42cm, the large 90 x 65cm. Both are machine washable.

*Does not include any cars