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Remindables – 10 Tag Set


Remindables are colourful clip-on reminder tags for your kid’s school bag to help remind them what they need to pack and what needs to come back! 

Notice we said ‘them’ and not ‘you’? That’s the whole idea! Got their hat? Their asthma pump? Their lunchbox? Is sport on after school? Is Dad picking them up? I hope they don’t leave their jumper at school…again! They are a fun tool to help your kids stay organised at home and at school, leaving you with one (or seven) less things to worry about!

The 10 Tag Set includes 1 x leather strap and 10 tags of your choosing. Once you add to cart, you can list the 10 tags you’d like in the order notes box on the checkout page. This can include any tags from the standard, alert, anxiety or diabetic range.

1. Choose the relevant daily tags for your child.
2. Talk to your child about the meaning of what each tag represents to them. E.g. ‘man’ means grandpa is picking you up, ‘lunch box’ is this container.
3. Attach the swivel hook onto your child’s bag along with already threaded tags.
4. Help your child look at each tag, then one by one place the matching item into their bag.
5. Encourage your child to check their Remindable tags prior to leaving home and again when leaving the classroom.

Remindables tags are 100% Australian made and designed. Made from 2mm polypropylene and printed using UV inks, making them both durable and weather resistant. 

Note: Each tag is 3.5cm high x 4.3cm wide 

“If you take care of me, I’ll be sure to take care of you!” Should you find that your tags become dirty, be sure to gently spot clean them with warm water. Do not use abrasives, petroleum based cleaners, detergents, lemon and/or essential oils, as this may remove the printed image from the tag.