Food Cubby


Food Cubby is back exclusively at The Therapy Store!

In it’s new look packaging Food Cubby now comes with 2 different sizes in the one pack.

Say goodbye to plastic divider plates and extra bowls and plates to wash, the Food Cubby means kids now have a simple solution to make sure their foods don’t touch!

For some it’s colour or texture, while for others it’s just the way they like their food organised, either way the Food Cubby is the answer! It also works brilliantly as an edge for kids to push their food against, rather than chasing that last piece of dinner around the plate or using fingers to push it onto a fork or spoon.

The suction base sticks to almost any flat surface, simply push down to get a good seal and peel off using the small tabs at each end.

Originally designed by 6 year old Ruby from the USA, the Food Cubby is made from 100% FDA approved food grade silicone, it’s top rack dishwasher safe and is portable enough to go wherever your child might be eating. Stop the “yuck!” and put a smile on the plate!