Apraxia Uncovered


Author: Pam Marshalla

Using a month-by-month developmental framework, Pam describes how to nurture sound development in children who have great difficulty learning to make sounds and speech. She integrates information from articulation, phonology, oral-motor, and infant vocal development into a comprehensive plan of treatment.

This material will help you understand how to help the child make a wider variety of consonants, vowels, syllables and words, and to become more intelligible. Techniques are appropriate for children of all ages.

Apraxia Uncovered contains:

– Hundreds of therapy suggestions
– Reference book that fully summarises lecture material
– Based on thirty years of Pam’s clinical experience
– Pam’s famous practical style

Parents, Pam has written this book  in such a way that you will be able to follow the content. However, before you dig into this rather detailed material, Pam recommends that you read her earlier book, Becoming Verbal With Childhood Apraxia.

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