Perth Educational & Development Toys

The Therapy Store Perth is a unique store, offering an outstanding range of educational and therapeutical toys for children and adults of all ages and abilities. We care about our customers, and recognise the exceptional efforts given by carers, teachers and families. To ensure learning experiences are paramount, we stock a large number of brands and products suitable for every individual need.

With years of experience in Perth, we understand our customers, and strive to provide innovative products to ensure learning and therapy programs are constantly improving.

We specialise in the management of challenges such as autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning and behavioural development disorders.

To establish a calm environment ideal for learning, The Therapy Store offers sensory toys that are perfect for those in Perth who struggle to maintain focus. Sensory toys available at The Therapy Store include weighted blankets, stress balls, textured grabbers as well as books and CDs. All of these products encourage children to self-regulate their sensory input, allowing them to independently reach a level of comfort that is perfect for learning.

For restless little ones and those striving to develop gross and fine motor skills, we offer fidget toys and kits. Our colourful and entertaining range of stock enables children to have entertaining and engaging experiences. The convenience and versatility of these products is perfect for keeping children focused while on the go. 

For pure mess-free, indoor enjoyment take a look at our kinetic sand products and accessories. Give children the opportunity to explore their creative sides!

We strive to contribute to exceptional personal development by providing quality products and services to everyone in Perth. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience, and let The Therapy Store provide the perfect tools for optimal learning.