• How do you read a story book to someone who can’t hear?

    How do you read a story book to someone who can’t hear? Or teach someone to read who can’t speak?  Sometimes it takes a couple of people who’ve grown up with the challenge to provide the solution, and in this case, two wonderful and deaf mothers who wanted to see sign language and deaf characters…Read More >

  • How do you talk to little people with BIG feelings?

    It’s a reflective question parents, teachers and anyone who has children in their lives will have asked themselves. How do you talk to little people with feelings and emotions that are sometimes bigger than they are?! It’s a question we get asked regularly, particularly by parents with children on the autism spectrum and those with other…Read More >

  • The safe way to play with knives…

    After becoming one of the most popular products in our range, we wanted to find out more about KiddiKutter knives! So, we spoke with the KiddiKutter team about how their product can help promote a whole heap of positives from healthy eating to independence, and if there’s actually a safe way to play with knives?! What…Read More >

  • A Guide of What NOT To Say To Parents of ASD Children

    Having people comment on your children and their behaviour is tough at the best of times. As most parents will know, kids save their absolute best for the moments where you’re short on time, already have your hands full, or when there’s just enough people around to be considered “a crowd”. With that in mind, below…Read More >

  • The Co$t of Autism

    So how much does autism actually cost? The Government subsidizes $6k a year. I reckon add another $80k and you’re getting closer. It’s all about early intervention right? To those who haven’t had first hand experience with autism, early intervention means saying and repeating actions and flashing picture cards to your child hundreds of times…Read More >