Nevous about the start of school? These can help!

In the next week or so, thousands of children will start school and experience one of the biggest changes in their lives to this point. Understandably, this change brings with it all sorts of questions, anxieties and excitement. One of the proven ways we’ve seen to help settle nerves about the unknown of a new school year is to have a weekly planner that outlines what your little person can expect each day.

Based on their experiences as busy young families, the two mums behind brand Monkey & Chops have developed the Weekly Activity Planner, a wonderful tool to help get everyone organised and ready for the school year ahead!

The start of the school year means a lot of new things. How does a Weekly Planner help?

The Weekly Activity Planner provides a visual of your child’s day and week ahead. This can be very helpful at the start of a new school year when timetables, before and after school activities, pick-ups and drop-off arrangements change. When children have a greater awareness and understanding of what is planned for the day ahead they feel more secure, reducing anxiety and increasing the chance of a happy and successful experience!

How important is it to involve children in setting out the weekly plan?

It is crucial to involve your kids in setting out the week ahead.  The greater your child’s interaction with planning their week, the more effective the behavioural outcomes will be. As changes or new activities pop up throughout the week, encourage your child to make the change of the planner.

For pre-schoolers, this simple process teaches them the names of different days of the week, the order of the days and the idea of time lapses throughout the week. They quickly learn that every day of the week is different and brings a new adventure.

Is the planner only for families with school age children?

No, we would recommend using our Weekly Activity Planner from 3 years onward.  We found that this is the age that kids start asking ‘what am I doing today?’ and are craving a better understanding of their world. 

As experienced mums, what are the thee biggest tips to surviving the start of the school year?

  1. Organisation
  2. Routine
  3. A good night’s sleep!

As we speak to more and more parents, most seem to agree that now is the time to start slowly introducing some of the things that will change between holiday and school time. Going to bed earlier, eating breakfast, even getting up and heading out at a similar time to what you’ll be leaving once school starts. All these things help to ensure the first few days aren’t a completely new experience.

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