Adelaide Educational & Developmental Toys

The Therapy Store is a leading supplier of educational and therapeutic products and toys. With years of expertise and knowledge of the Adelaide area, we understand our customers and strive to meet all individual wants and needs. We stock an extensive range of innovative educational toys that are perfect for personal development.

We understand the tremendous amount of time and effort carers, educators and families spend on ensuring children can overcome the challenges associated with learning and behavioural difficulties. We specialise in products for individuals with autism and ADD/ADHD and ensure resources are available to create the best learning experience possible.

Sensory toys are vital in establishing calm environments that are ideal for staying focused and on track. Our exclusive range of products includes squeeze toys, foot pods and weighted blankets, which encourage children to self-regulate their sensory input. Choose from a wide range of sensory toys  from our online store and start creating the perfect learning atmosphere.

The Therapy Store stocks fidget toys in a range of fun colours and designs. These toys are integral in the improvement of gross and fine motor skills. They provide entertaining and engaging activities and most importantly encourage development.

For a fun indoor and mess-free activity, browse our selection of kinetic sand products. With fun moulds and accessories, children can explore their artistic abilities and enhance their building skills! 

We encourage further development in areas of strength and improvements in more challenging tasks by providing a seamless shopping experience. Shop with ease and confidence and allow more time for the moments that matter. Experience growth and exciting personal development by incorporating our educational toys into lessons and daily life.