The safe way to play with knives…

After becoming one of the most popular products in our range, we wanted to find out more about KiddiKutter knives! So, we spoke with the KiddiKutter team about how their product can help promote a whole heap of positives from healthy eating to independence, and if there’s actually a safe way to play with knives?!

What makes KiddiKutter knives so good and why are they great for kids?
KiddiKutter knives are wonderful for kids who want to help in the kitchen, use a knife at the dinner table, or cut their own fruit or cheese for snacks because they have a unique blade that’s serrated but not sharp. This means they will still cut food, but parents don’t need to worry about cut fingers anymore! Using a KiddiKutter knife promotes independence and a sense of personal achievement, and it’s also great for developing hand strength, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Our easy grip handles are designed to perfectly fit little hands and can also be used by both left and right handers.

What food can you use a KiddiKutter to cut?
KiddiKutter will cut any food that a sharp knife will, including meat, carrots, tomatoes, fish, cucumber, the list is endless. It works by using a sawing action and won’t chop little fingers as it’s not at all sharp!

What are they made of?
Our KiddiKutter blade is made of high grade stainless steel, and they have a food safe, organic silicone coating which has passed all the relevant safety tests for Australia and Europe.
The plastic handle has a TPP coating which gives it a great feel and an easy grip so little hands won’t slip off!

What are the best ways to get kids involved in the kitchen?

  1. Right from when my children were very small they were in the kitchen with me, whether pulling the pots and pans out from the cupboards or stirring a cake mix. My number 1 tip would be, don’t stress the mess! It can easily be cleaned up after.
  2. Let the kids cut foods up for dinner using their KiddiKutter knife, it really doesn’t matter if it’s not cut perfectly, chunky stir fry anyone?! Seriously, I hear time and time again that children who are involved in food prep will more often than not try what they are cutting up.
  3. Relax, make it fun for both of you and enjoy your time together. They grow so fast and pretty soon will be off doing their own thing.

CLICK HERE to visit the product page on our website to get your hands on one of these fantastic knives. Whether it’s to encourage little people into the kitchen or have them cut up their own meals, these knives are are brilliant way to learn safely.