Light Stax


Light Stax are beautifully illuminated construction blocks that use LED technology to light up!

100% compatible with existing traditional building blocks like Duplo, these bricks make building even more interactive. Using their patented system, each brick will magically light up as it is connected to a power base or any other illuminated bricks.  No special connectors or wires are needed.  Just stack them and they light up! These also make excellent “built it yourself” night lights for children of all ages.

All Light Stax feature 4 light modes; on, flash, fade and 15 minute auto off.

Available in 4 different pack sizes, with 12, 24, 36 and 108 bricks.

* Please note: All Light Stax orders will now include 1 base with every 12 bricks so you can build multiple creations that can light up independently!
– 12 Piece – 1 x base
– 24 Piece – 2 x bases
– 36 Piece – 3 x bases
– 108 Piece – 9 x bases

24-PIECE SKU: LS-LS24-12
36-PIECE SKU: LS-LS36-12
108-PIECE SKU: LS-LS108-12